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Welcome to our web site!
Our Goal is to be your #1 Resource for Hashimoto's and other Autoimmune related disorders. In addition provide you with as many resources as possible which relate to Alternative Medicine and Thyroid issues in general. This site will introduce you to a book which gives hope to all those suffering from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Hypothyroidism! This highly anticipated book is NOW available at Click here to order my book! as well as, barnes &,, other on-line booksellers or your favorite local book store. This is the first book
of its kind, in which the author details the specific step by step approach he took to reduce his Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Hypothyroidism. This is an impelling story that will inform and inspire the reader. This is a must read for any sufferer of Hypothyroidism or autoimmune related disorder, who is open to alternative treatments. The book will keep the reader engrossed anticipating the next turn in this fascinating journey to recovery. It presents a personal triumph in laymans terms that are easy to relate to. Its a message of Hope, Faith and Joy! In addition to being an inspiring source of possibilities, it is also packed with valuable Thyroid related resources. The author provides a Personal Health Diary as well, which the reader can utilize on their journey to improved health.

book How I Reversed My Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Hypothyroidism
Compiled by: Robert T. Dirgo
Edited by: Mary Dirgo
Format: Paperback
Size:6 x 9
ISBN: 0-595-16708-X
Publication Date: Feb-2001

What the Reviewers Are Saying About The Book

"This book is very well done and a significant contribution to the field."
...Gary Null,Phd., July 2001
World Renown Researcher and best selling author.

"This book is very informative and offers an unique approach to addressing autoimmune disease."
...Gail Devers, May 2001
Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist.

"Robert Dirgo's book proves again that by applying the principles of nature and sheer determination we can overcome disease. Congratulations on an easy-to-read accounting of your treatment and recovery. Stay well."
...Lorna Vanderhaeghe, January 2001,
coauthor of The Immune System Cure.

"Bob Dirgo has demonstrated in his book the three pillars of nutritional healing; balanced gastrointestinal bacteria, proper enzymatic breakdown of food particles and consumption of whole organic food. If most patients would follow these basic principles when approaching their health they would achieve great success in preventing and curing disease. Bob is blessed to have one personal virtue that most people do not have and that is perseverance. I pray that more of my patients and all people throughout the world who are ill may persevere in faith with the hope that one day they too may be relieved of their afflictions. Bob has pointed out a definite path to success"
...Dr. Jeffrey Starre, M.D., November 2001,

"I highly recommend Bob Dirgo's book on Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. His remarkable healing journey in recovering from this autoimmune illness provides a testimonial of the power of the human spirit, when well nourished. Best, he provides inspiration and practical guidelines for fellow sufferers to follow their own recovery. The amazing healing benefits of microalgae are only now becoming widely recognized."
...Jeffrey Bruno, Phd., May 2001,
author of Edible Microalgae: A Review of the Health Research.

"Robert Dirgo's book is a refreshing encounter of hope for those who suffer from autoimmune disease. His extensive background in applied science rings out in these pages as he expounds on his logical approach to treating his thyroiditis. It appears to be the first book of its kind which successfully documents the reversal of Hashimoto's thyroiditis using an alternative medicine approach. I recommend this book highly"
...Dr. Laurel Jacobson D.C., May 2001

"Robert Dirgo exhibits within the pages of this book, the spirit necessary to overcome insurmountable obstacles. Keep the Faith!"
...Harry "Butch" Reynolds, January 2001,
Olympic Gold Medalist

Hashimoto's News and Views
compiled by Robert T. Dirgo

This section is devoted to bringing you news pertaining to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Hypothyroidism as well as commentary which pertains to Hashimoto's. In addition you will find links to a variety of web resources addressing Hashimoto's.
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Vanderbilt University Medical Center
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Autoimmune News and Views
compiled by Robert T. Dirgo

This section is devoted to bringing you news pertaining to Autoimmune Disease as well as commentary which pertains to Autoimmune Disease. In addition you will find links to a variety of web resources addressing Autoimmune disease.

AARDA Website
Autoimmune Technologies
Mercury Toxicity
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Coping with an autoimmune disease
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